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Protective Equipment

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STEIN climbers bag/rucksack

STEIN climbers bag/rucksack£23.46

Stein climbers bag/rucksack SS-1B1316

STEIN Deluxe Rope Bag

STEIN Deluxe Rope Bag£23.46

Stein Deluxe Rope Bag

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protector Helmet Set

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protector Helmet Set£24.75

To fit Husqvarna's Classic, Functional and Arborist helmets, this is a hearing protector set with excellent ergonomics that makes them ideal for use over prolonged periods.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors with Visor

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors with Visor£32.00   £24.95

Featuring a polycarbonate plastic visor to help protect your face from flying debris, these hearing protectors are great for carrying out light trimming work and also boast an extra wide headband for a comfortable, secure fit.

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Mesh Visor (Short)

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Mesh Visor (Short)£25.65

This short face and ear protection set uses a nylon mesh visor to provide flexible and durable protection. It also includes four ear plugs, providing protection up to 113 dB(A).

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STEIN -Technical Accessory Cord

STEIN -Technical Accessory Cord£26.00

Stein SS-1EM0070-Technical Accessory Cord

15% off rrp
STEIN skywalker twin pulley

STEIN skywalker twin pulley£26.00

Stein skywalker twin pulley

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Plastic Visor (Short)

STIHL Face/Ear Protection with Plastic Visor (Short)£26.10

This polycarbonate visor offers short face protection and 100% UV protection. It features a double adjustable headband and 4 ear plugs included in the box.

STIHL Harness Tool Bag

STIHL Harness Tool Bag£26.50

A practical solution to transporting your tools, this tool bag from STIHL is designed to be attached to their Universal or Forestry harness range. With two compartments for segmentation of tools.

HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Work T-Shirt (Long Sleeve)

HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL Work T-Shirt (Long Sleeve)£34.00   £27.20

With an easy-access zipped front pocket and light and cool design, this long-sleeved work shirt has an extended back and zipper front, perfect for use in warmer weather.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protection with Headband

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protection with Headband£27.90

These hearing protectors have excellent ergonomics that make them ideal for use over prolonged periods. Their unique polyurethane insert provides maximum space for your ears, while they are lightweight, flexible and adjustable.

STIHL ECONOMY Face/Ear Protection

STIHL ECONOMY Face/Ear Protection£27.90

This STIHL ECONOMY face protection offers a lightweight combination of a pivoting nylon visor and strong hearing protectors, complete with an adjustable head strap.

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STEIN lanyard SCE 3 metre

STEIN lanyard SCE 3 metre£31.00

Stein lanyard SCE 3.0 metre

STIHL STANDARD Chainsaw Gloves

STIHL STANDARD Chainsaw Gloves£31.50

Extremely comfortable chainsaw gloves due to their leather/textile combination and elastic knitted cuff. They also feature cut protection on the back of both gloves. EN Protection Class 0.


STIHL AERO LIGHT Helmet Set£32.00

This lightweight, entry level helmet comes with ear defenders and a large visor as standard. With high-quality nylon mesh and vents on both sides of the top crest, this is a great-looking and comfortable helmet.

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Page 6 of 13:    194 Items
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