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LONCIN LC80ZB30-4.9C 3 Inch Diesel Water Pump

LONCIN LC80ZB30-4.9C 3 Inch Diesel Water Pump
 LONCIN LC80ZB30-4.9C 3 Inch Diesel Water PumpLONCIN LC80ZB30-4.9C 3 Inch Diesel Water Pump 
Our Price:  £850.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Diesel-power & performance in this 3 inch Loncin water pump.

With reliable & durable high performance operation, the Loncin LC80ZB30-4.9 is a great choice.

Enjoy the benefits of diesel power

The engine in this machine is Loncin's second-generation single cylinder diesel model, giving 4.9 kW / 349 cc performance as well as easy starting and, because of the lower operating temperature, increased reliability and durability. Fuel efficiency and emissions are also improved, with the entire package making this model a fantastic choice for tough jobs. A low oil cut-off helps protect the engine from unnecessary damage.

A high performance water pump

A maximum lift of up to 30 metres and maximum suction of 6 metres is provided by this machine, with its discharge and suction port diameter of 80 mm, all backed up by the efficient impeller. Designed to be able to work with mildly corrosive liquids (for example seawater or dilute saline), these pumps are fantastic for working in a variety of scenarios, such as draining flooded fields or emergency rescue.

A robust & durable machine for tough tasks

A full body frame gives this pump a sturdy platform as well as protection for working in difficult environments. The pump body is made of lightweight aluminium alloy with corrosion resistance, and provides the ideal mix of flow and lift for superb performance. For hard-wearing durability, a ceramic mechanical seal is used.

  • Displacement: 349 cc
  • Bore × Stroke: 78 mm × 73 mm
  • Compression ratio: 21 : 1
  • Net power: 4.9 kW / 3600 rpm
  • Rated speed: 3600r / min
  • Oil capacity: 1.1 L
  • Fuel tank capcity: 3.5 L
  • Pump type: Centrifugal, self priming
  • Dia. of discharge port: 80 mm
  • Dia. of suction port: 80 mm
  • Max suction: 6 m
  • Max lift: 30 m
  • Max delivery voulme: 60 m3/hr
  • Dimension: 570 × 490 × 550
  • Net weight: 52.5 kg

Brand:  LONCIN
Power Source:  Diesel

Part Number:  LC80ZB30-4.9C
SKU: M3-LC80ZB30-4.9CA

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